Thank you so much for sending me the fabulous Kotlich last week. It arrived the next day and we had the most amazing 50th Birthday party meal cooked in it at the weekend! Thanks again.  

I was recently given my first kotlich as an early birthday gift and couldn't wait to get something going in it. A few days camping at Folly Farm in the Cotswolds in the early May bank holiday provided the perfect opportunity.

The idea of a goulash seemed a perfect match for my new kotlich's initiation. read more at
Yes we were camping on the west coast of Scotland,and I found the Kotlich very useful as most evenings we were feeding 8 to 15 people. My recipes are very hit and miss, I'm afraid, but all turned out very delicious! Perhaps the open air and setting added to that!

I made a chicken dish with diced chicken pieces, peppers, courgette, garlic, mixed Mediteranian herbs, white wine and veg stock with a bit of cream mixed in at the end. A Morrocan style veg stew with aubergines, chick peas, onions, other veg and stock with a Morrocan spice mix. Risotto with red onion, peppers, courgette and lots of fresh prawns, fresh caught pollock, home smoked fresh caught mackerel. Leek and potato soup. lentil and veg soup.

We tend to cook up what ever we have rather than think of a recipe and shop for it, if you see what I mean! Sometimes I put in extra water and added rice or potatoes to make it a one pot meal.

We love it!
Chris Salisbury, director and senior Wildwise instructor tried the kotlich / bograc with a group recently at Dartington in Devon, on one of their bush craft and survival skills camps He says “We had a rabbit stew, cooked in the kotlich / bograc over the open fire - it was delicious and the kotlich was a delight to use. easy to rig up, move around and adjust the temperature. We will be using it a lot over the summer.” See the recipe page for Chris's delicious Rabbit stew recipe.
Tracey Smith, a specialist writer and broadcaster on sustainable living, creator of InterNational Downshifting Week and author of The Book of Rubbish Ideas says, “I have one and I absolutely adore it! It has re-opened the door to enjoying cooking outside and reminds me so much of my time living in France. It's such a joy to be out in the open-air appreciating the beauty of Mother Nature's backyard and sharing seasonal food. This simple enamel pot brings such conviviality to a gathering and everyone wants to twiddle the lever to turn the pot. The combined smells of burning driftwood and the waft of something mouthwatering seems to act as a magnet for vibrant conversation filled with anticipation of a hot and fulfilling lunch.
My top tip is remember to take a large loaf of bread for everyone to break up and mop up the juicy bits at the bottom of the kotlich / bograc and don't forget, warm spicy punch and mulled wine aren't just for Christmas, they are perfect accompaniments for enjoying balmy summer evenings with family and friends in the garden.” Tracy's Sausage Casserole for the beach is on the recipe page.
What a fabulous alternative to a barbecue!
The pot was soon bubbling away, and everyone came back for more.
I'm amazed that the handle and chain remain cold to the touch even though the pot is over a roaring fire.
It really is outdoor cooking made more fun and simple.
Margaret from London.

See the recipe  Margaret's Smoked Sausage Hot Pot...
I used the tripod for the first time Saturday and it was great - so easy to use and it made superb food. Did a simple goulash, so easy, so delicious. As I try newer things I'll send you the recipes and photos.