Blue/black Enamel Lid

Blue/black Enamel Lid

Price range : £12.00 to £16.00

This blue/black enamel lid with a plastic knob to be used with the a Kotlich. If buying it to fit a previous purchase, check the diameter of the Kotlich before ordering and choose from 3 sizes.

This blue/black enamel lid is good quality. It has a screw on wooden brown handle which never gets hot. Kotlich cooking is usually done by reduction so a lid is not vital. However, this lid is not made for the Kotlich, therefore it is not a brilliant fit.  It is a rest on lid and will be OK as long as no one jogs or pushes the kotlich suddenly.  Then it might be dislodged.

Choose from three different sizes - making sure you choose the correct size for your kotlich.


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