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Kotlich Size/Type:

Black enamel outside, mottled grey enamel inside. Strong arched handle that does not get hot. Choose from 3 different sizes.

This great double dipped enamel Kotlich is both useful and attractive.  It is light enough to carry to the beach but also strong enough to make jam in and marmalade without causing any burning.  Your Kotlich has many uses both in the garden, forest or on the beach.  You can use it to cook up your own produce while working on the allotment.

The grey mottled inside is easy to clean and the arched handle stays cool throughout the cooking process.

Choose from three different sizes:

  • The 8lt Kotlich is easy to carry into the allotment or down to the beach, strong enough for jam making.
  • The medium 13lt kotlich
  • And the 20l kotlich, generally used for community events, shooting lunches or cafe events. It will serve up to 50 people, and is best used not completely full.

  A must for any serious outdoor cook.

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