Kotlich Second 30% off

Kotlich Second 30% off

30 % off
Kotlich Size/Type:

Black enamel outside, mottled grey enamel inside. small chip on rim. The chip or scrape on the outer surface of the Kotlich makes no difference to the way it cooks.

These seconds have a small chip, mostly on the rim, damage caused in transit.  They are totally usable and good value. 

The 8lt family size pot is suitable for aprox. 12 servings.

The 13lt party sized enamel pot is suitable for all cooking adventures up to aprox. 25 portions.  

We visited the factory where these were made and saw several Kotlich pots through their full product story.  From a flat piece of metal to a curved dish shape, to the double dipping of the enamel and clever mechanism that causes the enamel on the interior to make those fantastic patterns.  We then saw them fired at incredibly high temperatures, coming out of the kiln glowing red like glass before gently fading back to their final colours.  We saw the handles being curved and attached. It was a fascinating experience.

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