Paella Pan with Chains

Paella Pan with Chains


Enamel hanging paella pan, can be used for frying. Grey mottled enamel inside, black enamel outside, three chains

This beautifully finished enamel hanging frying pan/paella pan is a great addition to you Kotlich set. The low sides and easy clean mottled grey enamel inside makes it easy to manage you spatula or wooden spoon for turning and stiring. Use it for frying anything from breakfasts, better than a grill because the eggs don't drip through! to a fancy supper fry up.

Paellas or risottos are alternatives. With the sides, sauces, wine and stock can be added and gentle simmering maintained by just altering the height on the chain.

The pan is 42cm across and the sides are 3cm high.

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