hanging kotlich in outdoor kitchen

I had been hoping, as all bloggers do no doubt, that I would be writing fast and furiously about my new outdoor kitchen throughout the summer. But first I was ill, then it rained and then the builder couldn't come. But, now glory of glories, the most highly specified outdoor kitchen to have appeared on the Welsh Marches is built and in use. As a friends said today "That won't fall down in hurry!"

First we had to choose the siting of this much awaited play room. Eventually, after considering that corner in the orchard and this corner by the vegetable patch, near the house seemed more useful. We used an existing low wall as the back of the structure, avoiding a buried pipe and some steps. We positioned the kitchen according to the westerly winds and this low wall. It has ended up facing South East, backing on to the neighbours hedge and the weather.

Starting to build the outdoor kitchen with kotlich

The first stage, making the cob oven over a form. We only had the roof at this point.


outdoor kitchen making progress

The second stage, finishing the cob oven and putting in the side beams.


Cladding on the outdoor kitchen

 Third stage, cladding the walls and building the work surfaces and seating.

REady at last with nominal Granny inserted.

Fourth stage, filling the outdoor kitchen with all the kit and preparing for the second pizza day, Granny's birthday. 

We wanted to have a cob oven, washing up station, long work surface, hooks, shelves and seating bench just to start with. We have managed to include all of these, with space for a moveable table and a couple of chairs. I am so pleased with it. A bit of tinkering here and there and I will be totally satisfied.

Thank you all who came to my workshop at @porteliot  @thegoodlifeexperience and @theglampingshow Having to prepare a talk on, designing my own outdoor kitchen, and gather pictures, really cristalized my thoughts. There is now no going back. If any one wants any tips or help in planning your outdoor kitchen contact me.

making the pizza dough.


One man asked me if there was anything I regretted about my outdoor kitchen and I replied immediately it isn't big enough. So when you are planning yours, work out very carefully what you want to use it for and that will define the size and what to include. Because I employed a brilliant carpenter and was in a hurry to get it all finished I avoided working with stone and brick. I now think i need an add on bit!! But that is another blog!

If you would like the "Design your own outdoor kitchen" presentation at your festival, just let me know.

outdoor kitchen in use with kotlich and tripod