the outdoor kitchen the centre of your glamping site1 

 Man and his descendents have been gathering round a fire since Pre-history. They did it for three reasons; safety, warmth and cooking food. Today we still have that same desire, to meet around the fire. Each one of your Glamping visitors should have the chance to cook outside. An outdoor holiday has to be about doing things differently and creatively. 

Several reasons why you should consider a communal outdoor kitchen

  • It lengthens your season....with a kitchen to hold other events in

  • It provides a sociable hub....for those who want to chat and share

  • Collaborate with local producers.... with special offers and recipe ingredients

  • It encourages foraging or picking from a local farm.... tastes fresh and delicious.

  • It's a good place to disseminate up to date news and information...have a notice board

  • A place to eat together.... if the weather isn't good.

How big should it be?

If you want the outdoor kitchen to be somewhere where people can sit and eat you will need the relevant sized table. How many washing up units do you need? What sort of cooking facilities will you install? Will there be gas fridges, grills or a cob oven? What sort of food storage will you include for each unit? Will you be using it for cooking workshops to lengthen the season? Which way will it face? Once you have answered all these questions, and more, you will be able to draw a plan. If possible have two entrances/exits coming from different directions, a floor that can be swept, storage that vermin cannot get into. (mice love an outdoor kitchen) Have plenty of ventilation, open sided, half walls. Your outdoor kitchen will be totally in keeping with the site you are developing, rustic for some, shiny for others or mud for another.

Some tips for fitting it all together

If you haven't yet set up your venue, then you are in a prime postition with plenty of time to make your communal kitchen the central part of the plan.

On a large piece of graph paper roughly draw out the shape of your land and where you imagine the units. Place your outdoor kitchen right in the center. If you have a lot of units you may need two communal kitchens or even three. Beside or behind each unit will be the private firepit. For safety reasons, the fire pit should always be a destination in itself, not on the way to the loos or the car!

Quote; We had a plan for the outdoor kitchen on our site but since we heard your talk we have an even better plan and are really excited. The Glamping Show 2016


the outdoor kitchen the centre of your glamping site


And now for the individual units and what each one of them needs.

Several reasons why each unit should have it's own firepit set up or private outdoor kitchen

  • It's becomes play; it builds family cohesion and memories of great holidays

  • It's builds links with nature and the whole food process, through scents, touch, sounds and taste.

  • It's adventurous....pirates and explorers all cook outside over a fire.

The ethos of Glamping for me includes an element of being a pioneer. The brave family pushing out west with a few much loved, beautiful and useful cooking utensils. Weather permitting guests might spend part of every day playing at their firepit, experimenting with campfire recipes, exchanging stories and drinking their favourite tipple. This is definitely part of the holiday experience and it is up to you to make it as accessible as possible for your visitors. Having clear instructions with prepacked recipe ingredients is one way of helping your guests to try cooking over a fire, often for the first time.

Quote; Having listened to your talk, I now see how important it is for each unit to have it's own outdoor cooking setup. The Glamping show 2016

If you want a focus on food at your site then the outdoor kitchen should feature prominently on your web site, with pictures of the kitchen and firepit with things cooking. You could even have a special page devoted to the outdoor kitchen and food opportunities.You should be promoting recipe and ingredients packs and anything else you may have planned regarding food on the web site. Maybe you have special cooking kit for hire that visitors can prebook. Holding a parents and childrens cooking morning/day as an extra option, for instance, might be a good draw.

The Outdoor Kitchen offers recipes with cooking instructions for your visitors in pdf format. Contact me and I can send them over. Well tried recipes from the Outdoor Kitchen web site are also available.

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