What sized Kotlich do I need?

8lt for up to 10.

13lt for up to 20 (recommended size for family use.)

20lt for up to 40.

What sized tripod do I need?

120 cm if you have chosen an 8 or 13lt kotlich 

160cm if you have chosen the 20lt Kotlich

Do I need a lid for my kotlich

No, they are not designed to be used with a lid; when the liquid has reduced the food is ready. That's the theory. However, Brits like lids, so I have sourced some. They are not a tight fit but will safely rest on the top of the kotlich and speed up heating.

What is the small handle sticking up from the top of the tripod?

The 120cm tripod has a handle at the top to which the chain is attached. This handle can be used to turn the kotlich over the fire. Fires rarely burn evenly and this is very useful for turning your cooking pan over the fire. With the 160cm tripod the chain can also be turned by rotating the upper hook. Alternatively, twiddle the kotlich handle back and fforth to keep the contents moving.

What is the kotlich made of?

Our kotlich is tin, a combination of hand and machine fashioned, double dipped in enamel to EU standards and baked in a kiln. How they make a kotlich 

How long will my kotlich last?

We have been using the same kotlich, firepit and tripod for 10 years. It is just as good as when we first got it. The enamel is a glass slip, double dipped and fired onto the tin at very high temperatures. The enamel will chip if bashed or dropped; treat carefully.

How long will it take for delivery

We use 24hr delivery. It can be 24hrs if circumstances allow. You can make comment during ordering on delivery instructions, urgency, where to leave the parcel or difficult access. We actually allow 4 days for processing and delivery. We do take holidays and occasionally you will see a comment on the web site front page, and on FB or Twitter saying we are away. You can still order but will need to wait for our return before we can proces and send out.