How full should the kotlich be when i am cooking?

Cook with your Kotlich not more than 3/4 full. That is what the numbers above are based on. You can happily cook for 3-4 in an 8lt kotlich. One tip, don't splash gravy or sauce up the sides of the kotlich if you are cooking with it only 1/3 full. Those splashes will tend to burn and look ugly, but they will clean off easily.

Will the food burn easily in the kotlich?

The kotlich needs regular stiring, and attention to the fire is important. Kotlich recipes have more liquid in them than your normal oven recipe. This is because the kotlich cooks by reduction. The kotlich can be raised on the chain away from the fire or removed from the fire totally should the flames become to hot, and the kotlich can be twiddled by the handle. See lighting and managing your fire

Do I need an oven glove to cook with the kotlich?

No, the handle remains cool and can be used to lift or lower the pot over the fire during cooking.

What can I cook in my kotlich?

You can cook anything that includes a sauce, gravey, stock, alcohol or juice of any sort. See link to recipes

How long does the food take to cook?

 Once you have got a simmer going it takes the same time as your oven would.

How long does the kotlich take to come to the boil?

It really does depend on how much you have in the pot and how you are managing the fire. I suggest you try several times cooking potatoes in water, or reheating baked bean or tinned tomatoes. Preparing a stew for 6 is very quick to come to the boil if your fire is going well. Cooking for 40 might take half an hour to come to the boil. Don’t hold back on the fire! It’s easy to raise the pot up the chain when it gets going.

Is the kotlich easy to clean?

Yes, to clean, partially fill with water, replace over the fire till warm and wipe clean with a medium cleaning pad. If there is a burning episode, wire wool applied to the exact spot after soaking, will soon remove it.  See how to clean my kotlich

Does the fire need to die down before I can start cooking?

 Unlike a barbeque you can start cooking with your kotlich as soon as the fire is lit.

Can you use a kotlich to make mulled drinks?

Making mulled drinks is very simple. The day before you need them, steep all your spices in a heated fuit juice. On the day you require the drink, add the prepared concoction to cider or wine and bring to just under the boil.

How portable is the kotlich?

It’s light but dirty! You don't need to clean the outside. Carry in a bag, and don’t bash it. Tripod, firepit and kotlich etc all go in a car or canoe very happily.