• Wipe clean both sides of your grill with a cloth before use. Attach your chains to each of the holes in the grill, make sure they are not twisted or your grill will go off at an angle.
  • Let your fire burn down a little but it doesn't have to be just glowing coals.  Remember you grill is part frying pan as well. However,  big leaping flames are not brilliant for grilling.
  • You can cook anything on the grill that you would normally toast or grill eg. Bread, crumpets, sausages, chops, burgers, steaks plus many vegetables.
  • To turn any food on the grill grasp one of the downward chains near it's base and using an implement turn the food in each triangle available, swinging the grill round when you have done one section.
  • To promote even cooking on a variable fire, swing the grill or rotate it using the handle at the top of the tripod. This ensures that one spot does not get “burnt” more than another.
  • You can adjust the height of your grill by raising the chain.
  • To clean after use, scrub off the top with news paper or grass. Rub the bottom on grass or sand finishing with a dip in the sea or wiping with a hot wet cloth.


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