You will need ;

A box of matches

The fire starter, or fire lighter (We use Certainly wood flamers)

Kindling, small dry pieces of wood, usually a split log or twigs the size of two fingers together

Dry logs the size of your wrist and slightly bigger for cooking with.

Maybe bigger logs for a fire to sit around once you have finished cooking

When starting your fire for cooking don't use the petrol smelling fire lighters. You can get sawdust bundles dipped in wax or use dry newspaper or leaves and small dry twigs. (If you use news paper you must be prepared for a lot of floaty ash if it is windy)


firelighters in firepit


Place a couple of your eco friendly fire lighters apart in the bottom of the firepit. Stack the twigs and small kindling over them either in a tent shape or a log cabin shape. Light the fire lighters and place 2 – 3 or wrist sized pieces of wood on top of the tent or log cabin as the kindling starts to crackle and catch fire. The fire needs constant attention to maintain a hot cooking temperature. Once you start to cook you will see how hot it needs to be to fry, or simmer a stew.



firelighters just starting to flame


You can just see three small flames here where the fire lighters have started to burn. Within 3-4 minutes the kindling will have caught fire. Now is the time to strategically add small pieces of wood and get the fire going to full strength. You can see below two small pieces of wood have been put on the fire. Time to add more as the kindling burns more noisily.


fire starting


If you are camping and it is time to leave, make sure your fire is safely out. Spread the wood around the firepit and tip water over them and the coals. If you have time, wait till they are completely cold and take away with you. If you are left with just ash and charcoal, make sure you tip them onto a stone track where they cannot catch fire to anything else and pour water over them until they are cool.

Successful campfire cooking, is all in the practice so give it a go with one of our super, straight forward recipes.

When cooking at shows or being a cafe, where the stakes are high, we use  Certainly Wood. They supply kiln dried wood and deliver.

kotlich in the winter 2


This 20lt Kotlich is full and we are boiling up crab apples for the juice to make pectin. You can see how lively the fire is and what size the wood is. The logs in the back ground are waiting to be split into wrist sized pieces for use with the Kotlich.