Alys looks like a pro as she trips around her allotment with a sharp knife and a lovely enamel colander.  She takes a bit of this and a bit of that, all new shoots and full of green goodness.  She pokes her frying onions with a stick as they simmer and she keeps the fire just right.  Alys I'm proud of you, you make it look really easy.  And so it is. 

There are a lot of new shoots around at the moment, purple sprouting, and I have a yellow one, and my Curly kale is sprouting to and so is my Cavelo Nero. Shoots of Sea kale which I thought were done for are very tastey.  I've even found some Sorrel in the field by the river and we've had two little handfuls with our supper.

There was a short film here of Alys Fowler cooking and foraging but it no longer exists.

leafy soup with alys fowler on her allotment