Where do you go when you want to learn some thing new.  Well these days you go on line, but I didn't need to because I had already met the lovely Rayeesa at our local WIRE group.  So eventually we chose a date and here I am on my first cooking lesson since my O Levels!!  Aprons on, hands washed a quick health and safety briefing and we are off. 

An introduction to spices, health properties and use came first.  Then a look at what we had to cook and some ideas on how and what we might make. It all seemd extremely flexible and soon she had us chopping onions, quite a few, and an assortment of vegetables.  7 main spices

 We ended up with 5 proper dishes and a rice with vegetables.  We also made a rhubarb chutney, Learning some clever trickhurray, something new to make in my Kotlich, with all that chunky rhubarb.  Well, I cannot give you the recipes because they are coming by email.  My favourite was roasted mixed vegetables which are then added to a spicy coconut milk sauce.  It was absolutely delicious and something I know I will make again and again.

The subject was Alfresco curry, so we got out Rayeesa's tripod and hanging grill, which is part of her Kotlich set, lit the fire in her firepit and grilled some delicious spicy lamb kebabs.  We had allprepared these together earlier. The lamb was not on a stick but wrapped around asparagus, which we had blanched before hand.  How great is that for an idea?

Before we used the grill we warmed it up by hanging over the fire, and then painted a little rape seed oil over the serface with a heat resistant brush.  Previously Rayeesa had put some chicken pieces in the oven to cook, haveing marinaded them in some secret ingredients.  As they became ready we popped them on the grill to crisp up and go golden. Photo1367grillfbWe only had to do 5 minutes each side for that perfect crispy sking look.

I am now quite muddled regarding different types of flour and their suitability for different jobs.  However I shall await the email with the recipes and then there will be no stopping me.

Did we make Naan bread?  No.  Did we make some pakora?  I think no.  Did we make some bargees, yes, to go into our Kari which is a lovely thickened spicy yoghurt sauce. We made chapati, such fun, each with

Trish with the grill our little wooden chapati stand and mini rolling pin.  It took some of us quite a time to get the shape and thickness right.

So much to learn, so much fun to be had.  I'm not sure I am cut out to be a cooker of spicy food.  It is done with such love and care, I am too slapdash and rushed.  Is this a turning point?  Will I now move into a new phase and learn to cook slowly and with patience?  If it means I can eat more meals like the one we had with Rayeesa then I hope so.  I hope you all enjoyed seeing the grill and tripod in action.