When choosing your fire pit you need to decide if you are going to cook over it and if so how big does it need to be?  There is also the question of what you need to burn in it, have you got a good supply and what is going to be its main use, keeping warm or cooking?  Are you going to move it about a lot, does it need to go undercover in winter and is it safe for children?

My two guiding themes are always usefullness and look.  So it should be nice to look at and very practical, according to your needs.

Until recently we have only sold the 50cm enamel firepit with screw on legs 15cm.  This makes it 18cm high at thePhoto1577firepits_for_comparisonfbbetter rim from the ground.  This is a flexible, easy to use firepit that constrains how much wood you use (good idea) and still is plenty big enough for the fire/heat you need to cook with.  This enamel firepit with these legs is the correct height for the 120cm tripod.  If it were much taller it would lift the fire up so high that the Kotlich would be tucked up at the top of the chain with little or no mobility and difficult to stir.

When we found that some people wanted even bigger Kotlich we ordered some larger tripods and firepits to go with them.  We immediately sold our first few sets to wedding couples and community events and so have now stocked up again for the rest of the world.

large enamel firepit Birches FarmThe larger enamel firepit is 69cm wide with 18cm curved legs.  The full height of the firepit at the rim is 27cm from the ground.  It comes with a bag containing screw, legs, handles and the circular metal band. The first time I put it together it took about 20 mins.

So, things to consider;

  • What are we going to use if for, keeping warm, cooking, other?
  • Does it have to be a certain size because of our cooking arrangements?
  • Do we have children, how can we be safe?
  • What are we going to burn on it?
  • Do we have somewhere to store it?
  • Are we planning to move it around much?
  • How much money do we have to spend?
  • Are we going to use it a lot or only when we go to the sea?

I would recommend the smaller enamel firepit for families who want to cook with a 120cm tripod and Kotlich, use with wood,  take it allIMGP9420largeandsmallfirepitfb over the place when they are on the move and  to store it either leaning agains a fence or wall with legs in the air or unscrew the legs and put all away in the garden shed.  (That would be best for winter) 

The larger enamel firepit is perfect for community events, and sitting around when cooking is finished.  The height is perfect for the larger tripod 160cm and the 20lt Kotlich.  I would recommend using wood but watch out, this larger firepit will definitely use more wood.  The temptation to throw on another log to fill the bowl is very great.  It has two ring handles which stay cold while in use so you could move it around while burning if you need to change your spot.  It is atractive with the curly legs and higher than the 50cm firepit, less easy to dismantle but warmer and bigger for parties to sit round.

Don't be taken in by enormous, deep fancy firepits.  They are wonderful to look at but they eat wood. 

Which ever one you choose always train your children about fire and heat.  They learn quickly and will soon be a firm allie when it comes to outdoor cooking.