This one evening passed the test with flying colours, one and a half hours walk and steep scramble onto Hanter Hill.  A two wheeled stable barrow and a small garden barrow provided us with the main means of carting enough food and drink plus cooking kit and wood, up onto the hill of choice.  Each of us managed a full ruck sack and the sun shone. After an after-noon of food prep, always vital when heading off to cook in the wild, we set of.  The larger barrow needed a puller as well as a pusher and even the dog helped.

 You can see 7 counties from the top of our chosen hill. IMGP8874buntingfbDispite the wonderful views we added a jolly row of bunting which framed the hills which ever way you looked.

So, bunting up, we set up the new tripod and Kotlich for its first trial.  This is a giant 20lt Kotlich, great for events and community get togethers.  We have a larger tripod to carry this weight,  160cm,  very sturdy and  just right for the job. 

The recipe was a good mixed meat paprikash with onions,  celery and potatoes to bulk it up.  I was concerned that the Kotlich might cook differently, slower? than the 13lt and 8lt,  I was not at all sure how it would work out.  But I am thrilled to say it was easy to manage as usual, cooking just as fast and if anything it was better because the Kotlich is definitely made of thicker steel. We had a minor panic when we found the chain from the tripod was missing!  Unlike our previouse version, this chain is loose and needs looking after!!  So we hung the Kotlich on a piece of plastic forestry strapping.  We proved the point that the handle and chain never get hot despite the fire burning away.  The plastic strap work wonderfull and didn't melt at all.

IMGP8879t_and_Pfb   IMGP8885getting_goingfb  

What can I say about the guests?  The first couple broke up over the brow of the hilll and  said "Well, you will certainly know who your friends are"   We had the young and not so young, bearing dough for the fire, drinks for our throats and sweetness for puddings.  One couple brought their musicla instruments, what more culd we need.  We had the sky, the breeze, the sun and the "theatre of the very good" all around us.


dough sticks on the fire     guests in the glooming

So having eaten our full of the good red paprikash and polished off the sweet puddings cheerfully carried up the hill, we settled back to some music for the hills.  Celia and Richie serenaded us in a most jolly and appropriate way.  Some of us even danced and much jollity ensued.

IMGP8943richie_and_celiafb  IMGP8971siloutefb   dancing in the dark

And suddenly it was chilly, in 8 minutes flat we were all loaded up and trotting happy and satisfied back down the hill.  Our burdens where light compared with our assent.  The food was eaten and the drink was drunk.  Impressions are many, thank you friends for hiking all that way and making it a truly memorable evening.