This Kotlich is made on a different scale to the 13lt and 8lt.  The strong arched handle is massive and the chain is rather over specified!  But you can rest assured that your carefully prepared recipe is not going to end up in the fire.  To carry this giant Kotlich full of wonderful tastey concoctions we have sourced a taller and stronger tripod 160cm.  It is a slightly different design from the 120cm tripod but just as stable, easy to fold into a straight bundle to carry to the beach, with small plates of metal round the base of each leg to stop them sinking into soggy ground and tipping.

This 20lt Kotlich is a completely new line for us and we are hoping that several glamping sites, yurt circlesgiant kotlich and shepherds's hut gatherings might find this better for cooking for large numbers.  I think you should be able to do at least 40 helpings from this Kotlich if it is full.


The trend in outdoor weddings, Forest Schools and bushcraft all make this sized Kotlich ripe for discovery.  Festival weddings seem to be defying the weather and as long as there is some sort of cover for the cook to stand under and marquee for the guests why not cook a giant Thai Chicken or mull your cider in one of these?

Robert is holding the 8lt Kotlich so you can see what a difference in size there is.  You can still use the 55cm enamel firepit with it as despite being larger it does not really need a bigger fire base.

We are making Rhubarb jam in this giant kotlich and it was so easy to make it all at once, rather than having to have two fires going or even do two batches.  For bulk cooking, Guides, Brownies and Forest Schools this would be just the high light of their week ends camping.  Going to a National Trust camping site in the woods or a cliff side site in Cornwall, it makes no difference, the Kotlich is becoming a vital piece of kit for those who love to cook on an open fire.

Several reasons to have the largest size

  • Obviously numbers are the key thing, up to 40 portions in this Kotlich
  • Easier to cook a large amount in one pot with one fire
  • Just as easy to manage the giant Kotlich and tripod as smaller size
  • Heavier/thicker metal and enamel for making jams etc
  • Cooking and stiring are actually easier because the circumference is larger, you can get into the kotlich with your spoon more easily.
  • The 160cm tripod is made of square tubular black laquered steel.  It is not much heavier than the 120cm

If you are someone regularly cooking outside for large numbers of people this is definitely something you could try.  A wooden spoon is necessary for the cooking and stirring, a ladle for the serving.  Why don't you have a pop up cafe and cook something surprising for the neighbours or on your allotment.