The walking festival got off to a great start with dry weather and the most walks booked ever, since the festival began. We live on one of the many walking routes out of Kington and several excited parties of walkers headed off up into the hills via our little lane on the first day.

This is the second goulash evening of Kington walking festival. Our week had been exceedingly busy and so I called in another member of the chopping and cooking gang, Fiona, to help with preparation and serving on the evening. What a star. She swept in before breakfast with a selection of sharp chopping and slicing tools and we had finished chopping before 10.30.

We cooked for 100 walkers, so that meant two 20lt meat goulash kotlich and one 20lt vegetarian. The meat all came from Paul Lewis, our trusty butcher from the high street in Kington. We had a mixture of beef shin, beef stewing steak and pork shoulder. We started with bacon, onion and garlic frying gently in the Kotlich, with spices and a few secret ingredients! Some meat stock, tomato juice, lots of vegetables and potatoes to finish off.



The sight of fires burning on the pavement is extremely rare in the UK but in Hungary where the Kotlich/Bograc comes from it is a fairly common occurrence. It is real theatre, great to watch and wonderful to smell, both the wood smoke and the cooking food.

Again it was dry and the walkers arrived and did justice to the goulash. The Community Choir serenaded us and the bar was very busy. Fiona and I were kept on our toes serving from the straw boxes I had built to keep the goulash warm. What a great place to hold this welcome supper. Thanks for coming to Kington Walking Festival and making it such a fun event.