Some people crush with their knuckles, others use an enamel mug. These red enamel bowls are great for small batches of Kiseli Kupus/ Sauer Kraut.  Sea salt and hard white cabbage are in stock.  It's a good job to do in this cold weather, grating cabbage is a warming activity for both outdoor and indoor cooks.

bruising the cabbage

Here I am bruising the cabbage and sea salt with a jam jar.

juices running

After several minutes crushing, the juices start to run out.

packing cabbage in jar

Packing it into the jar next.  A funnel will help it to go in.  Remove the funnel and press it down with your knuckles leaving at least 2 inches of brine at the top to keep out the air.

trishwith kiseli kupus

Two jars ready to go into a dark, warm place for a couple of weeks.  I will check every second day to make sure it is not going off and smells OK