Lo and behold, both D and B were enjoying the evening sunshine in front of the White Dog and chatting up the visitors. This was a great opportunity for me to have a good look at the Tepees.  The evening was bright with late afternoon sun and filled me with tepee camping dreams.  I also wanted to find out how they were getting on with the Kotlich and tripod they had bought a few weeks earlier.

I discovered that both D and B have enjoyed cooking with the kotlich over an open fire. A chicken Photo2281tepeeandkotlichfbcasserole being their most successful dish to date. Campfire cooking goes so well with the tepees.

Photo2283tepees_decorationfbThey had 3 different sized tepees up on the pub site that evening. The pub is on a hill and so there was a terrific view looking North West with Bodiam Castle and a beautiful pastoral scene in the setting sun.

The Tepees seem to be for 2 people, 4 people or 8. They all have removable flaps for their entrance, B did a fancy trick with a long pole and opened the top vents to show me how the smoke gets out when you have your wood burner going inside. They are decorated with bunting and ivy and kitted out with thick mattresses, mats and small tables and lights. If you want to cook outside you can request the use of the Kotlich and tripod. The one we spent most time looking at had a wood burner in the centre on a stone base with fire tools and a large log basket full of wood. I like that!

Being close to the White Dog Pub with good food means you can eat out and still sleep under the stars.

D and B  also  transport tepees to events for hire at your request. So a wedding maybe or a birthday, Photo2284woodburner_looking_out_of_Tepee_kotlichthey take your order and can set up pretty much anywhere for your celebration. If you want to use Kotlich at your event just persuade them to order more from me or do so yourself. Photo2293kotlich_and_burninglogfb