Set up your station in good time as people come asking for lunch any time from 10.00am onwards!  Have the contents of your recipes prepared beforehand and you'll have the energy and space to chat with the crowd as you cook and serve.

Being a festival café has worked for us on small scale several times. We served 100 portions a day and each day we had a choice of three 

What on earth is a Kotlich Cafe?  Well, a Kotlich is an enamel hanging cooking pot in which you can cook anything that has liquid/gravy/sauce.  You can do a fabulous risotto, Mussels with cider and garlic, Thai curry or a good hearty goulash. Choose your own favourite recipe and you can most probably do it with a Kotlich, if not with the pot then with the enamel hanging grill or the paella pan.

And cafe, well that is a place where we sell food.  We have been to several local events with our pop up cafe......logs, rugs or bales form the seating, we take all the utensils, but you could ask people to bring their own bowl and k,f and s. It could be at a wedding, at a community event or a festival.

The Kotlich Cafe gets easier each time I do it. I now have lists that cover everything from spoons to matches,  from wood to bunting. Organisation is the key, and having enough willing hands to make it all happen smoothly.

Several points to remember which people commented on during the day were,Washing up at the Kotlich Cafe

  • We had a good supply of dry wood and one or two people were in charge of keeping the fire hot enough during the main cooking time. 
  • Chairs, logs and plank benches drew people into the café area as there were not many other places for people to sit down.
  • The grouped seating meant all sorts of people met each other and there was a good buzz of chat and debate.
  • We used a set of 25 matching bowls and washed up as we went along. People joined in and helped.
  • We made “Hay boxes” literally, to keep the soup warm in and to serve from.
  • We had a wind break which also worked as a shin protector whilst stirring the various Kotlich.  It was hot work.
  • We had oven gloves in case any thing became too hot (Not usually necessary) and water buckets plus warning signs for health and safet.

If you have a food IMGP6970hayboxfbfestival near you, an alternative event or a wedding the Kotlich café is definitely IMGP6985visitorsfbsomething to consider. Get in touch with me and we can provide advice, sell you the kit and if you are close, enough even give some practical help on the day.

At our daughter's wedding we used the large red water carriers loaded with flowers and they were a hit.  The enamel ware is hard wearing and bright. It gives an atmosphere of fun and vintage all in one go.