Piete winner of Kotlich cooking competitionWe wanted to find out what had contributed in the past to Piete being a natural at Kotlich cooking. 

Piete, have you been cooking with your Kotlich for long?  I've been using a Kotlich for about three years.

Why did you choos that South African recipe.  I was inspired by a visit I made three years ago to South Africa where I tried Potjie for the first time.  It seemed to be the perfect dish for a summer day served with cous cous and a cold beer.

Were you a boy scout?  Where did you learn to cook on a fire.  I was in the scouts and I was an army cadet.  But any outdoor cooking skills I have, I learnt from a slightly eccentric archiologist who had a small holding.  We did plenty of outdoor cooking there together.

What would you recommend others to cook, who are just starting out with their Kotlich?  Cooking with a Kotlich is very different from cooking indoors on a stove and I find it far simpler.  It is important to get to grips with fire management and laying your fire properly.  You actually don't need nearly as much wood as you think at first.  The best dishes to start with a re chunky soups.  You should have plenty of liquid so there is less chance of burning the food.  Even boiling some new potatoes is a useful exercise, you will see how the Kotlich performs and what adjustments need to be made to keep the pot at a slow simmer.

What are the best things about cooking in a Kotlich?  I love the nomadic feel of cooking over an open fire and living life, for a short time,  at a slower pace. I like to savour all the smells and enjoy sitting round the fire feeling the warmth.

The Dinebox was kindly given to us as a prize. We can recommend this great Spice company which sells different sized Travel Pantries. Piete will be using this now when ever he is cooking outside.IMGP2505marlinandcertificatefb

What will happen next?  How will Piete defend his title?  When will the next Kotlich cooking competition take place?

Watch this space..........I'm hoping we will have a few more competitions this year.  I'll keep you posted.