Wild Tots in action with the kotlich

We started the morning with the mucky job of making crisps. You may think "Oh deep fat frying, not healthy"! But this is a fun thing to do with seasonal root vegetables, gets people involved and if you have some kitchen towel handy there does not have to be much fat floating around.

First the root vegetables, beet root, parsnips and carrots were peeled and then with the said peeler cut into thin strips. Thank you all the helpers. We used the paella pan on chains for the frying. I used sunflower oil just covering the bottom of the pan, you can add more if it seems to be getting soaked up by the crisps. It is very tempting to cook them at great heat and speed but try not to rush them. If the fire does seem too hot then just raise the pan on the chain, and lower it again when you need more heat. Test a crisp when you think they are done. Remover from the pan and lay on kitchen towel for a couple of seconds, then eat. It is quite difficult to get a uniform crisping, especially if they are all on top of one another. So, during the frying move them around and turn them over separating them regularly.

cooking crisps in paella pan

On the next door fire we had the kotlich cooking. First I fried very gently 1 large onion. Then I added some mild curry spice. (vary to taste), then half a chopped Hubbard squash without the skin. I added salt and pepper, a cup of lentils and water to just cover. Then I added one tin of full fat coconut milk and simmered til soft, lentils and squash. This made a subtle creamy, soupy dish that most of the children seemed to enjoy. ( For a side dish to a curry, leave out the water and season more, can be a very adult, spicey, creamy dish)

To finish up with I made Canadian Pancakes which we served with Maple Syrup. These really hit the spot.

  • One and half camping mugs of plain fl

  • 1tsp sugar

  • 2 heaped tsp baking powder

  • pinch salt

  • One and half mugs of milk

  • 2 eggs

  • maple syrup

I whisked this all up at home and brought it wth me in a large jam jar. Place butter or oil into the enamel paella pan, when hot and melted drop spoonfuls of the mixture in to the pan. Raise the pan up the chain if there are signs of burning. When bubbles start to appear on the top of the pancake then turn over. They should puff up and after a couple of minutes on the second side, be done.

Canadian pancakes in Paella pan

Lift them out of the pan and cut up, drizzle with maple syrup and eat quickly while still hot.

Thank you Wild Tots so much for my lovely morning! I hope I can come back again in the spring. Keep on cooking.