In Autumn last year on a very cold late summer day we went off to the Malvern Three Counties show to take part in theIMGP8036PheasantPaprikashmidsize Food Glorious Food competition.  The prize, to be on the shelves of M and S for 6 months and several thousand pounds!  I was just longing to prove that a really good dish could get into a competition like this cooked on an open fire in a Kotlich.

The procedure started with a sudden rush of blood to the head as I saw a tweet asking for entrants in the spring.  I quickly tapped out a recipe and thought no more about it.  I mean, life is busy when you are a Kotlich Cook.  Several phone calls later we were demonstrating at the Mortmer Country Food Fair and there were the cameras, obviously there to see what I looked like and to hear my story, Serbia and the Outdoor Kitchen and to taste the dish.  We passed the test and the rest is history, as they say. A rosette from Grossman, who is he anyway?  And a wonderful visit to the Thyme Cooking School in Southrop Manor for the finals.  All good fun and I proved to myslef that actually cooking on a fire can produce just as delicious stuff as on a good old oven in doors.

Watch a short clip of the kotlich in action during the competition