Happy Kotlich Customersends news

Dear Trish
Well, the kotlich arrived in good time and we had such fun on Rob's birthday - the hottest day of the summer down here in Kent, and there we were doing a goulashup! - to the consternation of the rest of the campers but that's another story (who needs bangers on a disposable barbeque!!).
Anyway then we spent our silver wedding anniversary camping in Norfolk and tried out a few new recipes - £5 for 3kg of mussels from Marvin's Mussels in Brancaster was a highlight (though about 1.5 kg more than we needed - oh well) as was Carluccio's take on fish stew.  Our chicken casserole was seriously under-flavoured but I guess it's all part of the learning process.  We're planning another goulash (proper this time) with friends next week for Halloween and I'm looking forward to the marmalade season if I can't wedge in a kotlich meal or two over Christmas.  So - thank you!  It's been fab so far and I look forward to lots more happy times - Whitstable beach is beckoning!
Which brings me to the real subject of this email - we're definitely in for the competition next year!  We're hardy campers and love Shropshire - less familiar with Herefordshire but that's just circumstantial.  So really anywhere we can park up the VW and ideally put up the tent will be fine for us.  Rob's 50th is next summer as well and I'm afraid it will have to be a kotlich plus dutch oven event!
Do keep us in the loop about how this progresses - I'm sure it will be a hoot!
all the best
PS will try to send some pics for the album!