Kotlich cooking in winter can be extremely demanding!  BUT don't be put off.

cowering on Dartmoor

Several tips will help you to enjoy this event.

  • Dress up ready for the worst weather.
  • Have most things prepared as much as possible before you go out into the elements.
  • Have dry kindling, wood, paper and matches and a plan to shelter the fire until it has really taken.
  • In keeping with the second point don't choose anything too complicated to cook.
  • Warn guests so they can come prepared for any weather, maybe each with their own bowl, mug and K,F and S.
  • If it is an evening event have plenty of light, hanging oil lamps and head torches.  (Nothing worse than cooking when you can't see)
  • Use anything like a tarpaulin, bales, open fronted barn for your own shelter.
  • Start the party by brewing up a mulled alcholic drink in your Kotlich to warm everyone up.
  • Remember there is no such thing as bad weather only badly dressed people.  (or in this case badly prepared)

Good luck and post some pics on Face Book or Twitter