May Kotlich Party on the Arrow

The 19th Dawned cold and dull.  I had been listening to the guttering running water all night and wondering ifdouble goulash kotlich the Kotlich Lunch was going to be rained off.

My intrepid husband with car and wheel barrow managed to get most of the stuff down to the river where he had prepared a fire pit the night before.  I had to get cooking by 10.00am and be boiling by 10.30 for my Goulash to be ready by 1.00 for our 20 guests.  All went according to plan and what started out just looking a mess soon began to look quite elegant.  We had a serving table, a pudding table and a drinks table with lovely flowers and decorations.

The goulash went really well because Robert had collected and chopped some wood exactly the right size.  The lunch was ready by 12.30, a mixture of shoulder of pork, shin of beef and stewing steak, with celery, carrots, potatoes and my secret ingredients.  I have to say it was the best goulash I have ever made.