Happy New year from the Outdoor Kitchen 

The Kotlich is having a New Year burst of excitement.  Watch  out for Gardens Illustrated February issue! The Kotlich is in use and various colourful enamel will be glowing like jewels.

Look out for the FoodieBugle on line food magazine! 

Photo0797salmon_and_summer_vegefbNews is that The Hungry sailors will also set sail again and hopefully will be enjoying some Kotlich Cooking as they play among the coastal islands around Britains varied cliffs and beaches.

The Outdoor Kitchen is collaborating with, hopefully, several different Food Festivals, to hold Kotlich Cooking Competitions.  Our first one will be on July 13th The Mortimer Country Food Fair at Brampton Bryan, South Shropshire.

As each fair heaves into view through the year, we will be posting where you can buy a Kotlich and see the Outdoor Kitchen demonstrating

I hope we can brew up a great year for outdoor cooking.