There are an aweful lot of pulled pork cafes and lamb roasts.  There are vintage teas cafes and spicy fast food. But no one that I know has started a Kotlich cafe.

Just in case you have not heard of me I am the outdoor kitchen, alias @kotlichcook  I import and sell enamel hanging cooking pots, grills with chains, paella pans, tripods and firepits.  Plus all the other enamel stuff you need for your outdoor adventures like mugs, jugs bowls and water carriers.

Dzezva and grill at Womad, outdoor kitchen

I think there are two things going on here with the Kotlich.

1. I need enthusiastic kotlich cooks to take the shop to festivals and fairs, I'm getting knackered.  Not sure about financial arrangement as yet but any ideas welcome. At large fairs like WOMAD I just set up a great display and sell.  Not allowed a fire. Lots of chat.  Smaller fairs I do demos, very simple 20 mins  am and 20 mins pm, sometimes have something bubbling. Lots of chat about how to cook and what to cook etc. Sell to happy customers. Quite heavy work.

Flags in evening at womad, Outdoor kitchen

2. Would love to see some Kotlich cafes out there, too many lamb roasts and pulled pork buns.  To that end,  encouraging people to buy several sets and become cafes.  Nothing to do with me. can call yourselves whatever you like, your own business, your own income and recipes, and your own look and style.

If you can see yourself doing any of this or something else get back to me.

Shopping at the outdoor kitchen, enamel galore.