What started off as a humble dwelling for a shepherd to use during the lambing season, has turned into something all singing and dancing.You can basically have what ever you want inside.

Kotlich kit at Riverside Shepherd Huts

I had been hoping to visit Riverside Shepherd Huts for several months but moving house had got in the way. At last a chaninterior shepherd hut Riversidece to see for myself. So after a couple of false turnings I found myself in Jeannie and Dave's shady fields next to the workshop. There was a bustle going on with a shepherds hut steel frame on wheels, in the yard waiting for it's body and fittings. There were flat bed lorries parked up waiting to carry the shepherd huts to the next exhibition. And best of all, Jeannie gave me loads of time to look at all the different interior fittings and styles.

If you choose to have on of these huts you can sit down with Jeannie and plan the thing from scratch, a double bed, no trouble, a fridge, no trouble and microwave, no bother, it.s amazing what they can do in the space. Two beautifully designed and kitted out huts already had their showers in and the “bathroom” was so well planned I actually wondered why we bother to live in a house?? Each hut is unique. The attention to detail is great.

imagesJeannie has a good eye for colour and obviously some great suppliers. There was the efficient, workman like hut, and the dreamy hut and the family hut and so it goes on. I so enjoyed my tour and came away impressed.bunk beds in a Riverside Shepherds hut.

From now on when you see Riverside Shepherd huts at a country fair, there in the middle of their wagon circle will be a tripod, firepit and Kotlich from the Outdoor Kitchen. We both agreed that the outdoor kitchen had a real overlap with the shepherd huts. They were made for each other.

My perfect Shepherd hut would forgo the inside cooker, I've got a Kotlich, after all. I'd cook outside and have some folding bunks instead.

These beautiful, small, uncluttered places are very special environments.  Whoever has the privilege of staying in one will find their whole perspective on life enriched.

Tripod and campfire cooking