Why I have not heard of the Off Grid Gourmet before is a mystery. He is only 20 mins from my home doing great business with returning happy customers. A quick glance at his Face Book page  Yes, he is active and cooking so we agree to meet.

Hugh Sawyer seems to have had several previous lives but his most recent one is focussed on off grid living and FOOD with a capital F. I heard of him quite by chance when chatting with a neighbour at a craft market. So, of course I had to go off and explore.

Hugh Sawyer

He set up camp last year at Walkers Cottage Camping, Clifford near Hay. His aim to be ready for the Hay festival in 2016. He has a brilliant tent, large enough for a massive table for 10 diners. There is a sofa, a type of pioneer stove for the chilly evenings, and bar, with several cupboards under, for serving, a book shelf and some pictures in the main tent. Various cooking stoves, including a wood pellet roaster and smoker with a little chimney, a round barbeque with a lid and a gas hob are all out the back. The preparing, cooking and washing up all happens in this open sided add on. I presume Hugh closes himself in should the weather get nasty! Any electricity used is powered by 2 solar panels out front. You bring your own drink but all the food is provided and carefully planned right down to the special little treats you will get with your coffee when it is nearly all over.

Hugh comfy seating and pioneer stove

His fairly immediate history sounded like some award winning chef list, with Rick Stein and Gerwin Brand (Raymon Blanc's head chef) coming across loud and clear. There was a selection of recipe books on the shelf and one was open with a mouth watering looking pudding gleeming out of the glossy pages. The lucky couple coming for supper were in for a brilliant feast.

Hughlooking out of tent with solar

I congratulate him for his desire to provide top class food in an out of the way place using solar, wood and charcoal. I can't wait to be on the receiving end of this great project.  



Hughview of the dining tent


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