We need to enlarge our vision of what a garden is and can be. Our gardens are or can become an extension of our living space.  We already have the out door sitting space, the conservatory.  We have the out door eating place, deccooking outdoor kitchenking or terrace.  But how many gardens have a fairly permanent outdoor Kitchen to compliment all this.  Chelsea Garden Designers should be pushing back the boundaries and including the outdoor cooking space.


(The real problem is that most people don't even know how to light a fire.)IMGP7461eating

I am really looking forward to seeing the Chelsea designs.  Here's hoping there will be an outdoor kitchen included in at least one garden.  If I miss it someone let me know please. Gardens are meant for people to enjoy and if that is forgotten at any phase of the design they become nothing but an empty room that is either too tidy to be used or a sort of museum or collection.  Let our gardens be people places for cooking, playing, eating and enjoying each other. 

The structure, colour, textures and shapes in a garden should all be there to compliment each other and provide a wonderful back drop for the adventure of life.

Added May 29th, disappointment, no outdoor kitchens this year in any of the Chelsea  Gardens......I hope I did not miss one?

So, why do we have gardens in this day and age, surely we are all too busy to just enjoy a garden for the gardens sake. Tell me honestly, do any of you ever sit in your garden unless you have friends around and are entertaining?  Go on, the truth.  I bet you don't.  If you have a garden at all I bet you only work in it, plant, sow, weed and harvest. It is time for the garden to be an integral part of our lives, not our slave driver. I call on you to make time to just enjoy your garden, every little bloom, different shaped leaf, the light and dark, to wander in it, to lie on the grass and watch the clouds, to go SLOWLY in your garden and let the power of green,  have a beneficial effect on your life. Make it easy for you and your friends and family to BE outside among the plants, in the mud, what ever the weather as often as possible.


BUILD an OUTDOOR KITCHEN           IMGP7556odkfb