With very Jam making Kotlichpromising weather we joined the Jackdaws and Gulls on the coast in Pembrokeshire.  Trailer full of Kotlich Kit and tent etc.kotlich festival  The Really Wild Food Festival was really wild, well we could only see wonderful Welsh hills and wild flowers in the hedgerows.  The sun did its best for three days and we luxurated.

Jam was the theme on my stall with free spotty jam pot lids with each Kotlich purchase.  Our rasberry Jam and Black currant were absolutely mouth watering.  The red spotty enamel was quite popular and the customers discerning.  Any one seeing the Kotlich at work fell under the spell.  However, a stiff breeze meant we could not have a fire all the time.

We were placed next to Cwtch Camping, a business that makes wonderful wooden houses for putting on your land to use for extra accommodation or glamping.  Beautifully styled with vintage materials and comfy beds!

We wandered up to SPembrokeshire ponies kotlicht David's head one evening among grazing ponies and wonderful evening light.  We spotted great clumps of Sea Spinach and later, on the beach amongst the rock pools, recognised the fine sea weed that is called Lava (Lava Bread)

The Ethical Chef and The Guyrope Gourmet were both doing their stuff with gusto.  REally impressed by their knowledge and cooking skills.  We also met Eat the Beach from Dorset, full of enthusiasm and entertaining stories.