We needed to feed 40 hungry hunters, and had about one and a half hours to cook our prepared ingredients and be ready for the onslaught. This was our first shooting lunch with the Kotlich and we were hoping to prove that it really is a great way to feed lots of people quickly and well, out in the forest.

shooting lunch in the Kotlich

 The Saturday before Christmas we arrived at our rendez vous, a shallow dingle on the edge of Hergest Ridge,
armed with everything necessary to feed 40 hungry hunters. There was a strong breeze so we made makeshift wind shelters for the two fires as we started to cook the lunch.

kotlich brewing - shooting lunch

The menu was Pheasant Paprikas. We were strictly on time as we knew there was to be a busy afternoon programme of drives, and we mustn't keep them waiting!

Coming back for seconds of Pheasant Paprikas

Eventually the land rovers came skidding and roaring up the lane, and with some swerving and bumping were soon parked up beside the cooking spot. Delight and excitement as everyone realized they were not getting the usual sausage, soup and rolls.

The Pheasant Paprikas goes down fast

A queue soon formed and large bowls of pheasant, smoked gammon with sauer kraut and sweet chestnut in a paprika sauce were being devoured by the hungry gathering.

The Pheasant Paprikas finds hungry hunters

It is great fun and reward enough to see everyone enjoying the spectacle of the Kotlich over a fire. But then to see them relishing the bubbling loveliness that comes out of it, is also a relief. In 30mins flat the pot was empty, the juices mopped up with the crusty bread and the grog was drunk.

hungry dogs

The whole crowd jumped back into their vehicles, with waving and calling, they wobbled away, the beaters in a trailer pulled by a tractor and the guns themselves in more comfortable style.

We proved to ourselves that the Kotlich is an asset to any outdoor meal and the shooting lunch was a great success.

Kotlich lunch in the dingle