It is quite difficult to eat up all my produce fresh, so jams, relish and bottling it is! Is there a drought? Is it raining so hard you can't get out to weed? Why are the slugs getting more of your stuff than you are?

Don't despair with the slugs, just keep sowing more seeds and patrolling at night! You should be picking and harvestingPhoto1493rhubarbjamfb some fruit and vegetables every day now. One question is how to preserve all this stuff? Swap it, share it, eat it or just give it away. Try bottling in your Kotlich and making jam and chutney. Our garden is suffering from being several months behind......we only moved in 4 weeks ago.  None the less, gooseberries, red and black currants and lots of spinach will need picking and eating or dealing with very soon.

Suggestions for summer;

  • New potatoes and warm green leaf salad.

  • Fresh lamb chops or steaks on the grill.

  • Char grilled courgettes, red onion , aubergines or peppers on the grill.

  • Variety of Jams, I could be at it once a week.

  • Bottling fruit.

  • Any meaty casserole with herby dumplings.

Blackcurrants in the KotlichP7280011lambanddumplingfb