best outdoor cooking kit

We have been cooking outside for years and I really can't think how we managed so well before we discovered the Kotlich and tripod.

In 2002 we went for 2-3 years to the Balkans as volunteers.  While struggling with language and enjoying all that the new and amazing culture had to offer we saw outdoor cooking in a new light. Hot summers meant that most people had outdoor kitchens. My serious outdoor kitchen gets closer every day, but that is another story. The Kotlich and tripod has been part of our life ever since.

What do you look for in outdoor cooking kit?

Until we met the Kotlich, our outdoor set up, where ever we were, usually involved bricks, some sort of wire mesh, old saucepans and frying pans that steadily became less and less presentable. My jam pan came in useful for constant water on long camping hols, this was before the instant water that a Kelly kettle can produce. So we had a jumble of dented pots and pans, most of which had to rest on a base of some sort.

When we first saw the Kotlich it seemed to tick so many boxes. These are the advantages that we notice of having a Kotlich and tripod.

  • The Kotlich is easy to adjust according to the strength of your fire and how fast you want it to boil.
  • The handle rarely gets hot and you can grab hold of it to raise or lower or twist with out fear of burning your hand.
  • It is easy to clean and we never wash the outside. I pop mine in a plastic bag for car journeys.
  • The tripod just folds together, is strong but not so heavy that you can't carry it on adventures. I have never had a tripod tip over or collapse in 5 years of use. The tripod fits into a car widthways.
  • Having a hanging grill is a great addition to the set.
  • The firepit mean you  can set up pretty much anywhere, they keep the fire together, prevent you from using too much wood and you make less mess.

The Kotlich kit is not the most economic stove for wood, neither is it very high tech. but it has the benefit of being something that family or friends enjoy sitting round. It is essentially suited to community life and any one can stir the pot and add wood to the fire. Below singers entertain the cafe with fine melodies at Court of Noke where we had a two day Spring Greens.

best outdoor cooking kit