Oscar cooking the bacon

A last minute communication and I am off to Radstock to find the Smellie family. Apparently they want to learn to cook outside on a campfire. We are to be photographed for the Sunday Telegraph!

I really wanted to show them all the different enamel hanging cooking kit that I use, so I devised a selection of recipes to use the grill, the paella pan and the Kotlich.

Alice Smellie making the pancakes

The weather…...dripped, the sun hid but we found enough spaces between the showers to put on a good show. In between rapid towelling of hair, changing of clothes, sheltering under the willows and lots of other jolly family interuptions we managed to cook three delicious recipes in ultra fast mode. The poor photgrapher!!

Apricots and Haloumi on the grill

It was called “gourmet cuisine” despite all my protestations. Lara, Oscar and Archie took to it all with great gusto. The bubbling pancakes with crispy bacon and Maple syrup caused the most excitement. I have to say it is a winner and to be recommended. They didn't fancy the Chicken Provencal with black olives and cous cous with grilled vegetables. There was a bit more enthusiasm for the grilled Halloumi and Apricots on skewers with leafy salad and dressing.

Lara with the haloumi and apricot kebabs

Thanks for welcoming the Outdoor Kitchen into your lovely garden. I thoroughly enjoyed the cook up and if I can ever bring the Kotlich round again don't hesitate to ask me!