Red Enamel Water CarrierThis is a question I get asked so often I've decided to dedicate a whole blog to the great big red water 7lt carrier.

They were originally designed for village use.  Maybe to hold water in the Kitchen.  I suspect water would have been pulled up from the well, or pumped up, as we saw in some yards in Serbia.  The water would have been stored each day in several of these carriers.

You know how Victorians in the UK had a china bowl and jug in each bed room. Well this is the Central European equivelant of the china bowl and jug.  (we have bowls as well)  The water carrier has one handle and a lid.  It is easy to carry and has a beautiful shape.

Red Enamel Water CarrierIf you have a conservatory, outdoor eating area or camping corner this is the best place to use your water carrier. 

We have just had the loft insulated and so this great troop of water carriers have been "down loaded" from the attic and are cluttering the kitchen work surfaces.  I suppose I will have to put most of them back up there again. 

I will be taking loads of them to Coombe Trenchard Garden Festival on 1st and 2nd June, Jubilee Week end.  Come and join us there near beautiful Dartmoor.

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