Keeping all that sticky mess outside is well worth the trotting in and out with sterilized jars and chopping boards.  If you have a good wood collection you won't regret using some of it to make yourself a good supply of marmalade.  See here how we made 62 normal sized jars of delicious well set marmalade in half a day, with friends to help. 

The great fire lighter gets three fires going.



Two Kotlich are boiling whole oranges with home made pectin (from windfall apples), water and lemons



One other Kotlich is boiling pre chopped peel, water, lemons and the pips and pith, in a cloth, to add pectin.

marmalade in kotlich


At one point there was a tendency to boil over so we each had a Kotlich to manage

kotlich and marmalade


The chopping was done outside with a friend and with the home made pectin it soon became time to test for setting.

marmalade in a Kotlich


Setting was achieved without too much pain...or boiling and now to pour into the sterilized jars

kotlich and marmalade


The third and last Kotlich with the precut peel  boiled away, soon reaching setting point.

marmalade kotlich


At the end of the day we had 62 jars, More than one a week, which I forgot to photgraph!  The husband, main marmalade eater, was delighted.