• It's fun.....cooking becomes play, it builds family cohesion and memories. Your community will flourish round a Kotlich.
  • It's sensual.....it builds links with nature and the whole food process, through scents, touch, sounds and taste.

  • It's adventurous....go somewher you don't usually go, cook on the beach, try it in the snow. Invite someone different to come with you.

family and kotlich

Where I cook outside

  • In my garden....I've got a sheltered corner where I set up the fire pit.

  • On the beach....there's lots to entertain, it's exciting and often windy. We find mussels and cook fresh fish.

  • In the wood....we love visiting our cabin with friends

  • Beside a stream or river....super play spot and wonderful accompanying sounds.

  • In the allotment....I let the soup cook while I work on my patch.

Kotlich and mussels

What I cook outside

  • Food we have grown jumps straight into the Kotlich and is really fresh.

  • Food we have foraged or picked from a local farm tastes delicious.

  • Fish, meat, vegetables, jams, chutney, marmalade and hot drinks are all cooked in my Kotlich.

community and kotlich

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