Cold weather should not put off a Kotlich cook. Root vegetables, kales and the celery family make mouth wateringly delicious soups and if you have a Kotlich you can work in the garden and your winter warmer will just bubble away until you are ready.

This is the season to turn to your root vegetables for winter warmers. A quick fire lighting session, chuck in some seasonalPC070019winterwarmersfb vegetables with stock and get on with wood cutting or digging over last years onion beds.  When you are ready you can down tools and there will be a wonderful concoction waiting for some seasoning and ready to eat.


Seasonal  vegetables that will make great winter warmers

  1. Carrots, potatoes, beetroot, ( need a bit more attention) parsnips and celeriac. 
  • Celery and leeks
  • Beans, and lentils

All these will benefit from the addition of an onion and garlic and maybe a tin of tomatoes. If you prefer PC070036winter_warmersfboriental flavours you can easily give your winter warmer that eastern zing by adding coconut milk and mild Korma curry powder.  If you prefer more of a rustic flavour go for smoked bacon or sausages and sweet paprika.

These pictures were all taken last year in the snow. Let me encourage you to dress up warm, get the children out each with some twigs, and a chopped potatoe and a jug of stock and some seasoning. Light the fire together, throw in your veges and go to find an outdoor job to do for an hour.  You could then toast some bread on the fire or wrap dough around sticks and cook over the fire.  Find some logs or stones to sit on and enjoy your wonderful winter warmer/soup.

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