All this mixture for your little pancakes can be mixed before hand and stored in a large jar.

canadian pancakes in paella pan Just shake well once you have lit your fire, melted some butter and are ready to cook.

You will need a spatular with a long handle.

225g plain flour

300ml milk

2 large eggs whisked/beaten

1 tsp sugar (can be omitted)

pinch salt

1tbs baking powder

Melt some butter. Don't burn it. Use a spoon to drop the mixture in small amounts on the paella pan dish. Watch the pancakes and as soon as the start to rise and  show holes in the top they are ready for turning over. Then just cook them for around 1 minute on the second side. They should puff up a bit. Adjust the height of the enamel paella pan by raising it on the chain, if things seem to be cooking too fast.

Remove from the cooking pan and put on a plate, drizzle over maple syrup and if you like cook crispy bacon as well. This is the tops.