If your ideal kotlich evening is making some mulled cider and sitting around chatting and enjoying the fire then you must try these crispy fried masala peanuts. Taking only minutes to cook and prepare they’ll wow your guests and won’t keep you in the kitchen all afternoon.

Serves 6 

Ingredientscrispy masala peanuts with coriander1

300g raw peanuts removed from their outer shells

(but no need to remove the brown papery skins)

half tsp red chilli powder

half tsp garam masala

half tsp dry mango powder (optional)

3 tbsp chick pea flour, (gram flour)

1.5 tbsp rice flour

generous pinch of ground turmeric

half inch of finely grated ginger

half tsp ajwain seeds

sprig of fresh mint finely chopped

oil for deep frying about 500ml in a small kotlich


First light your fire and add the oil to the kotlich and gently heat.

Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl – chilli, garam masala, gram flour, rice flour, turmeric, ajwain seeds, pinch of salt – mix them thoroughly together.

Rinse the peanuts under running water, then drain in a colander.

Add the peanuts to the bowl of dry ingredients along with the ginger.

Mix everything together well so that the peanuts are smeared with the spice paste.

Very carefully deep fry the nuts in the oil until golden. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain in a bowl lined with kitchen paper. When cool sprinkle with the chopped mint and store in an airtight container (if there are any left).