Squash and mussel soup

If you are like us and still have a few squash sitting on shelves this is a great way to use them up.


First light your fire, set up your tripod and hang your Kotlich over the fire.

Simmer the following gently in your Kotlich until the onions are soft.


100g chorizo chopped

2 medium onions

Stir in with your long wooden spoon

1kg grated squash and add 1 bay leaf

Then pour over

600ml vegetable or chicken stock. Stir everything in together and simmer for 25 mins. Wizz in a blender if you are at home.

In a smaller pan (or another kotlich if you are outside)  in the red wine, cook the cleaned and debearded  mussels briefly 4-5 mins or until they are all open, stiring regularly to bring the mussels from the bottom up to the top.

200mls red wine (I used left overs, it could be white)

800g cleaned and debearded mussels

1 uncut red chili pepper

sea salt and grindy pepper

When mussels are cooked, take them out of their shells and add to the soup, saving several in their shells for decoration. Stir in some parsley and sprinkle the rest on each serving. Build up the fire, gather round and eat with crusty bread on the beach with the sound of the waves and the gulls.