If you're anything like me you will have plenty of pheasant breasts in the deep freeze just longing to be cooked up. This is fun to do and a delicious easy recipe using ingredients from my larder in January.


pheasant kebabs2

Metal or bamboo skewers

Several pheasant breasts cut into chunks

Streaky smoked rashers of bacon cut in half and rolled up

Some celery sticks chopped into cm lengths

1 bottle of spicy beetroot relish or tomato ketchup



Thread several of each indgredient alternately onto each skewer, making sure you have enough bacon to keep the pheasant juicy.

Lay them on some cling film and cover with your chosen sauce.

Wrap up tight

Leave in the fridge for 24 hours or freeze until you need them

Light a good fire and allow to develop and settle down into hot charcoal rather than leaping flames

Hang your grill over the fire and carefully spread some oil on the grill with anything handy like a cabbage leaf, or a handful of grass

Lay the kebabs on the grill and cook for about 5 minutes on each side

Raise the grill up if the fire seems too hot, and turn the handle on the top of the tripod if the flames are uneven

Remember that the grill is partly frying and partly grilling

The enamel will be extremely hot


The time spent marinading in the spicy sauce will have tenderised and spiced up the pheasant. When they are done you can slide them off the skewer and eat with a winter salad and some potatoes baked on the fire.