It's pancake season again and we tried out two different sorts over the fire in the enamel paella pan.

The first recipe is easier to cook and great either as a desert or as a

drop scones in paella pansavoury dish.

savoury pancakes with mackeral and samphire

Canadian pancakes

Mix up together in a bowl 

100g plain flour

1tbs baking powder

225g milk

3 eggs


Melt some vegetable oil or butter in your paella pan over a medium fire.

Test for heat by dropping in a small amount of the mixture first, if the pan seems too hot raise up away from the fire by moving the hook further up the chain.

Pour desert spoonfulls at a time in the pan, several can cook at once

When they sart to bubble on top they can be turned over with a spatula

After a couple of minutes the second side will be done

Remove and eat while still hot

They can either be served sweet with jam and cream, or fresh fruit. Another option is to serve with bacon and maple syrup, or creme fraiche and smoked mackeral chunks, as in the picture above..


The second pancake we tried was harder to cook but just as delicious

Turmeric Pancake with curried greens

savoury pancake1

(Thank you Guardian Feast for the the hint)

Take a handfull of curly kale and another of chard, chopped and wilt in your small kotlich over the fire with a small amount of water. Strain and tip into another bowl. In your Kotlich sweat 1 medium onion, 3 cloves of garlic, a desert spoon mild curry powder and a chunk of chopped ginger in some oil, keep warm.

Then mix together in a bowl

100g plain flour

2 large eggs

300mls milk

1 heaped tsp turmeric

 I flat tsp gound cumin

salt and pepper


Heat oil or butter in your paella pan over  the fire

This part needs 2 of you, one to tip the mixture into the pan and the other to hold the chains and tilt the pan to make the pancake go out in a big circle. Team work needed.

As soon as the pancake is cooked on both sides lift out of the pan onto a heated plate

Sprinkle you pancake with  the hot mixed curried greens and roll up. We had some roast potatoes on the side.

This was absolutely delicious but difficult to keep all parts warm and serve hot.

savoury pancake in the paella pan ofver a wood fire1